Policies and Terms of service.

All sales and pre orders are final and non refundable. Please review your order before making a purchase. It is normal to wait more than 6 months for a pre-sale order, but not more than 10-12 months in 99% of cases.

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Any order issue feel free to PM or email me. putorblue@gmail.com

About policies for P4P pins. I think the pin community has the common rules that people should not resell P4P pins just for profit.

I would suggest not to sell P4P pins at a very high price, nor to buy P4P pins at a very high price.

Grading Policy

Even A grade pins may have some minor flaws. Because enamel pins are handmade handicrafts, they cannot be 100% perfect.

Side part and back of the pins are not included in quality check progress but I’ll try my best to pick out those have major imperfections.

A grade pins may have minor flaws that would not effect pin’s overall look. Enamel flaw would only be seen under lighting and specific angles, like minor scratches, slight underfill or overfill, very small amount dust or spot or tiny bubble. Print flaw is mainly for slightly offset or slightly uneven surface.

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