BLIND BAG – no duplication


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In hand extras drop – JJK Megumi’s history of growing up series.

Two light colorway variants will join this blindbags drop. (Both are gold plate.)

Since during the presale I said that extras would be available in blind bags only, there will be only one blind bag list option this time. (Buying more than one will ensure no duplication)

Optional: Buy 4 blindbags you could leave gold full set in the note to get original colorway gold set. (I put some gold full set aside.)

Presale full set collector’s privilege: If you purchased 8 pins set in presale, you could leave your ①previous order number and ②LIGHT GREEN and LIGHT RED in the note.
(I put some new variants aside. Others are in blindbags.)

The percentage of each variant is in the second picture.

Price is 39.5 USD each. Mixed A and B grades.

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